Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Oh man... do I have a lot of passions. There isn't a lot I feel lukewarm about - I love it or don’t. (Of course, it’s nice to be lukewarm about some things... I'm workin' on it!). But because I get so excited about the things I love, I have a fairly broad and long list of things I'm passionate about.

In an effort to try and figure out what my priorities should be this year, I want to list out all of the things that get me excited, and then (hopefully!) find a few that I can make a priority.

So here is an (always growing) list of passions:
  • Art
  • Sewing
  • Social engagement & Activism
  • Hip-Hop & Music
  • Dance (!!)
  • Learning about other cultures and cultural traditions
  • Being involved locally (with art, youth, and community)
  • Social Media
    • Youtube - making videos and video editing
    • Blogging (this one is a bit obvious, as I am doing it right now)
  • Travelling
  • Multiculturalism
  • Taking classes (OCAD continued education has some awesome ones!)
Friends, can you think of others? I'm sure I've talked your ear off about at least a few of these topics in the last few months!

At this point in the year, I know that dance, social media and activism hold the top spots in my heart. I still have a hand in almost all of the other items on the list, but I know it’s a bit crazy to think I can do all of these things at once.

I'm applying to volunteer at an amazing local organization to connect more with youth and community, so hopefully that can become a larger focus this year as well. 

I think I'm going to let travel, sewing and taking classes take a back seat for a while (however now that I've said that I'll probably go home and start sewing 100 new things haha)

There is so much to do! Let's see where this year takes me...

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