Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Art Focus for 2015: Inequality

I love following someone who is doing a daily goal... it's so amazing to see the dedication and follow through that is possible. I have often thought about it, but I know (for me) the goal would end up causing me more stress then fun.

I had considered doing a Once-a-Week art project for this year, but have since decided to just leave it as an "Art Focus for 2015". (I am already committed to doing weekly dance, which I am loving so far!)

I came across the idea for my Art Focus recently when I was reading about the murder of yet another aboriginal women in Canada. It might seems like a strange place for someone to get their creativity, but to me it makes sense... I passionately read and inform myself of social issues in society. My twitter feed is filled to the brim with activists and not for profits doing amazing work in Canada, America, and the world. I constantly seek out more information when cases of social inequality show up in the news, and I challenge myself to be as open as I can to each individual's journey.

I take all of this in, but beyond some tweets and discussions with friends and family, I don't do anything with the knowledge I have. The amount of injustice in the world can feel like a weight on my shoulders, and I just sit here doing nothing about it.

This is where the Art Focus comes in. I have decided that my Art Focus for this year will be to create works inspired by the pain of injustice and inequality. I am aware that artists have been creating works about this forever... but it's new for me. I have always just made art when I wanted to, not really processing why (or sometimes choosing not to process the why).

I am looking forward to making art with specific ideas in mind, and hopefully I will share some of it here, along with information about the case or issue that has inspired the piece.

To start, I will share a bit about the piece above. I painted it after the Oscar nominations were announced this year. As some of you may already know, the nominations were a huge fail... The nominations went almost exclusively a list of white men. With 118/127 nominations going to white people, and 102/127 going to men. NO women or people of colour were nominated for best director, screen play, cinematography, or visual effects among other categories. This is especially disappointing considering the Director of Selma, Ava DuVernay, could have been the first African-America woman nominated for Best Director (and so deserved to be!).

I didn't know what I could do... what can I do? I'm not on the Academy, I'm not even that interested in film.. so I painted. And I'm sharing here. Hopefully this process of painting and sharing will help a few people learn about the issues of representation in the media. If you are curious, click here to read a great article about the Oscar nominations this year. 

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  1. I really love this idea! Injustice and inequality does seem like too much to deal with sometimes, I think it's really cool that you're going to raise awareness about social issues through your art :)