Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Resolutions & Goals

As I mentioned before, I was unusually busy over new years this year. I didn't have a chance to write as many 2014 wrap up posts as I would have liked, but I'm determined to set my resolutions. I might be a month late, but I'm excited to set out some long term goals for 2015.

After some thought and reflection, I've come up with the following Big Goals for 2015!
  1. Dance one day per week (2 is even better!)
  2. Make one video per month (even if just a round up of what I did that month)
  3. Sell at a Craft Fair in the spring
  4. Write more about activism, and equality
  5. Be direct and clear in the way I communicate
  6. Less mindless scrolling, more active living!
Nothing too crazy, but just enough to keep me moving this year. I am excited to say that I have kept up with my dance goal already this year. I started taking drop in classes at the City Dance Corps (in Toronto) the first week of January, and I am loving it!

Goals 1-4 are a lot more tangible than 5 and 6. There is no easy way that I will be able to say for sure I've "done" 5 and 6. I normally don't like to set such open ended goals, but I do want to work on these items, so I figured I could put them in and see how it goes. 

My next project is to set up a spot in my room to post these goals, and my rotating monthly goals.... any display ideas are welcome!

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