Monday, January 19, 2015

Reflections on my 2014 Goals

Last year I made quite a few goals and resolutions which I wrote about here.

My five main goals/resolutions were:
  1. Get a job in the Engineering field
  2. Donate time & money to a charity you care about. 
  3. Read 15 books
  4. Post a video to my youtube channel at least 3/4 weeks per month
  5. Improve my level of fluency in Dutch& take a formal class

And how did I do?
  1. I did! I started working for a General Contractor (a builder) in Feb 2014.
  2. I didn't do nearly as much as I should have. I did do some donating of money, but not enough donating of time. Really hoping to get better at this one. 
  3. Not even close.. whops!
  4. I almost did this one! I posted about 20 videos over the first half of the year, but I stopped posting in August. I really do hope to get back into it, but with so many hobbies, I can only do so much! (
  5. I did! I took lessons via skype for about 8 weeks, and got pretty good. I love this language and learning it, but for now I am going to put this goal to rest. (It's just so hard to find a use for Dutch outside of The Netherlands.)
So there it is. My 5 main goals of 2014. I'm sure there were many others I came up with over the course of the year, and many I achieved (or didn't!). There is just so much to be done! 

I am very much looking forward to trying out Elise Blaha's Get to Work Book as a goal setting tracking this year when it comes out in July. Check it out here.

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