Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful for my Car Breakdown!

I know it seems crazy, but as my car got toed away yesterday morning, all I really felt was gratitude. No, I was not thankful my car needed an expensive repair, but what came along with it was worth being thankful for.

It began with calling my Dad, he was patient and helpful, giving me advise and making sure I didn't let this issue overwhelm me. Then I called my sister, who's husband happily offered to come meet me, and take me to work - even though this would put him at least an hour late for his own job. (Thanks Matt!)

I was able to find a reasonable garage that could take my car that morning and it was only 2 kilometers from my house. I also had very pleasant CAA (road side assistance) staff helping me, and giving useful advice.

When the estimate came from the shop, although it was in no way cheap, I knew it could have been a lot more money. And  with a bit of savings built up, I know that I can afford this (despite it being the least fun way to spend money!).

I'm also very thankful that this issue wasn't the result of an accident, just an old part that needed replacing. When friends and family asked "What happened? Are you okay?", I was so very thankful my answer was, "I'm totally fine! Just need a part to be replaced".

So even though my car left on a toe truck yesterday morning.. I'm thankful. So so thankful!

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