Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Brown and Racism

Yet again, an unarmed young black male has been killed by police. Unarmed.

This is a topic far from the norm on my little crafty blog, but I can't stay quiet. I have to at least try and join the conversation in a constructive way.

I have never had to fear police in the same way that so many non-white people, especially men, have. And yes, it may be better in Canada, but there is still, without a doubt, a racial bias in our police force.

I sit here reading news reports, and tweets, and blogs written by white people who have not done there homework. You can not respond to something only black people and other non-white groups experience by asking the question "but how does this affect white people?" or stating "not all white people are like that". Please stop making this about you.

ALL white people have an obligation to do their homework and understand their white privilege*. Yes, you may not have set up the system, but you benefit from it. You benefit from it every single day. And to sit there benefiting from white privilege without doing anything to work towards reducing it, is racist. Maybe not in the traditional way that you imagine racism, but it is racism. We need to listen to these stories, and to the people shouting in the streets of Ferguson, crying over the loss of another unarmed black young man.

Listen to the voices of the people of colour who have lived this experience. Listen to the people who have had to fear police their whole lives.

I have found a few articles, and blogs that I think add to this discussion in a constructive way:

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  1. Good on you for spreading the right message on your blog.