Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Home: The Bedroom

This is part 1 in my series where I day-dream up a list of DIY's I hope to do in my new apartment. For this part, I'm going to focus on the bedroom.

1. Make-over a cheap dresser. (Dresser found here)

2. Make or paint an area rug (Instruction for the rug below found here)

3. DIY twinkle lighting for above the bed (Instructions for the item below found here)

4. DIY Under desk storage - with room for a printer! (Instructions for the below found here - lots of other amazing DIYs too, check it out!)

5.DIY Headboard - if I have space for one! (Instructions for the image below here)

Lastly a Bonus DIY... the "if I have random free time" item:
Add some shelving or organization to the closet (instructions for the closet below found here)

Here's to hoping I do most of these! And feel free to let me know of any suggestions you might have for other homey DIYs in the comments below.


  1. if you haven't checked out apartmenttherapy.com yet, its fantastic! really great for design inspiration and household diy's :)