Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I learned in 2013

I learned.... How to drive a tractor (!!!)

I learned.... That taking your own path is the BEST call

I learned.... How to speak basic Dutch

I learned.... Adventure is out there

I learned.... That I actually enjoy living alone

I learned.... how to edit and make videos!

I learned.... I am pretty damn brave (sometimes!)

I learned.... How to ride a bike in The Netherlands

I learned.... How to set better goals for myself

I learned.... That Berlin really is that great

I learned.... That learning new things is my favorite

I learned.... Even though I have tons of hobbies and interests, Engineering really is what I want to be doing right now

I learned.... That cross-continental friendships are so possible

I learned.... There is always a new creative medium to try

I learned.... How to pack light

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