Monday, December 23, 2013

How to Make Fresh Lemon-Ginger-Mint Tea!

I'm into this loose leaf tea trend. Can I even still call it a trend? It feels like it's here to stay at this point. Either way, I like it. My favourite teas are lemon and mint... so of course, it wasn't hard to come up with the idea of combining them (and I added ginger for good measure!).

Since I enjoy it so much, I thought I'd share my favourite way to make this yummy tea!

First I make sure I have a lemon, fresh ginger, dried or fresh mint leaves, and honey. Then I chop up a bit of ginger and add it into a lose leaf tea infuser. I then add the mint leafs (if they are dried) to the infuser as well. Next I slice a piece of lemon and squeeze the juice into the mug before adding the whole slice. Lastly I just add the hot water before adding honey to taste! Simple as that, and soooo good.

Side note: it tastes even better if you have a bad ass mug like the one pictured! How awesome is that mug!?


  1. I looove fresh ginger any I looove mint but I have never thought of combining the two - nice idea. Need to try this some day just have to buy some fresh ginger :)

    1. glad you found this! Hope you enjoy the tea :)