Thursday, October 31, 2013

October - Check in

As promised (for once!) I am here to check in with my October goals... here is a reminder of what I committed to this month:
I am happy to say, this has been my most successful month yet! I completed every goal, and even read and sewed more than I had hoped to, plus kept up with my many, many job hunt goals. :)

I think one of the biggest things that helped this month was making clear Yes or No goals. What I mean by that is, a goal that is easy to say "yes I have done that" or "No I didn't do it". Previously I have had goals like "Take thoughtful pictures" and although I think this is a great idea, it's really hard to actually do it. A more helpful goal might be "go outside 2 times this month to practice your photography". That type of goal is much easier to know if you have completed it or not (which is, for me at least, the motivation behind goal setting).

Another good example is a previous goal I had: "don't stress about the future"; while admirable, it is total fluff! A better goal might be "Do 1 nice thing for yourself per week to reduce stress". And to make it even more concrete, I would even suggest you write down what thing you will do for yourself each week. For example, I will go for a long walk, buy myself nice tea, go to yoga, and do a face mask. For me, this is not only easier to determine if I have accomplished it, it is also far more motivating because I've already done the work of figuring out what it is I want to get done. I may not share this level of detail here, but writing it down for myself is very helpful.

Now I'm off to figure out my goals for November..

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