Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking Forward...

I've made it no secret that I love it here. Europe gets me. The Netherlands gets me. However, I do feel I have to own up and say that it's not all rainbows and butterflies. In my real life I try my best to focus on the good, and so inevitably that is what I tend to do here as well. But of course there have been hard points during this year (as there are with any year). And there have been moments where I just had to sit down and cry wishing my friends were a bike ride away, or that I could just hope on the bus to see my Mom. But beyond having moments where I missed my friends and family, I was surprised to learn that there are many little things I miss from Canada and Canadian culture.

So in an effort to get on bored with my impending departure from this place I'd really rather be staying... I have made a list of Canadian things I am looking forward to back in Canada.

I am looking forward too... Poutine, oh how I've missed poutine.

I am looking forward too... Going out for brunch and basically all breakfast foods (I love lots of food over here, but when you come from a country of Maple Syrup, it's really hard to get on board with any other kinds of breakfast...)

I am looking forward too... Have more than a few centimeters of snow in winter!

I am looking forward too... Clearly labeled streets (Europeans seem to be able to navigate city centers with vague labels on the sides of buildings claiming that they are street signs, so clearly it works for them, but I have yet to master this skill.. I tried Europe, I really tried.)

I am looking forward too... Not feeling self conscious about my excessive please and thank-you's! (Not even kidding!)

I am looking forward too... Hockey!! And the fact that I wont have to say "Ice Hockey" anymore. (When you say hockey in Europe, they think you mean field hockey.)

I am looking forward too... Tim Hortons... I have seriously missed timbits.

And of course, I am looking forward too seeing all my lovely friends and family! :)

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