Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Room!

When I first moved here, I was (unfortunately) moved around quite a bit. For my nesting soul, this was very stressful! I love to settle in wherever I am, and setting up a room makes me so very happy. Thankfully about 3 months ago I got a permanent place to stay for the remainder of the year! I knew I would only get about 7 months in the place, so I decided to make it homy right away!

Being that it was originally a hotel room though, I had to get a bit creative! I used a lot of painters-style tape, to adhere things to the wall (so that when I take them down, there wont be any marks left). And I simply used a chair as a bed-side table/mirror stand. Although it's not as beautiful as I'd like, it is definitely better then what I started with!

You can see to the left in the picture above, that I simple pushed the extra bed and frame to the side of the room, and covered them with a white sheet. I don't have storage here, so everything had to stay in the room. I'm actually quite happy with this little solution! :)

So that is my space. I have about 3 months left in this room, and I'm so, sooo thankful that I made it cozy right at the beginning. I just love having a space that feels homy to hang out in.

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