Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Goals - How did I do?

In an effort to stick with my Monthly Goals a little bit better, I am doing my end of the month (okay, it's already the first day of August) check in! So what even were my July Goals, can anyone even figure out how it became August so fast?

Being completely honest, I'd say, I got about a 2.5/5 this month. I did apply to many jobs, but I sure as hell did not do my best to avoid stressing. I was a huge ol' pile of nerves and stress this whole month.... I haven't finished the Great Gatsby, but I did start it! As for number 4, I'd say I'm still feeling open to whats next, but my employment goals are becoming much more rooted in The Netherlands then I expected. And lastly, Dutch practice. I ended up practicing about every other day this month, which considering the levels of job-hunt related stress I put myself into, I thought was pretty good!

Here's to hoping I do a bit better next month! :)

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