Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goal Setting - Reflections

This year, I decided to try having "Monthly Goals" instead of having lots of new years resolutions. And although I love loooove this idea, I really need to find a way to have more accountability at the end of each month.

I have had some success as is, and I've definitely crossed things off my list that I wouldn't have if I didn't make it a monthly goal, but I think I'm averaging around 3/5 goals completed per month, and that just doesn't seem like enough!

I think I've realized the biggest issues, and it is embarrassingly simple... I write them, and then never look at them again. It is so obvious, why didn't I realize this sooner! My current solution is simple, but I think it will also be very useful. After I upload my monthly goals to the blog, I print a copy of the list and stick it on my mirror! That way, I am reminded daily of what I want to do each month! It's a small shift, but I think it will be helpful.

I'm also going to do something here on the blog. The last day of each month will now be a Monthly Goals check in to reflect on how many I did or did not achieve. I know this will help. I've said it before, but it is so true, this blog keeps me accountable for so many different things. And for that alone, I love it!

So get ready for July 31st to see how many of July's goals I achieve! :)

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