Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eating Well

Lately I've been having fun cooking. This is strange. very, very strange, as I generally hate cooking. But I'm actually quite happy for the shift, because it is a lot easier to care about what you are eating when you don't mind taking the time to prepare it.

I haven't been making anything fancy at all, but it is nice to just take a half an hour to put something even slightly healthy and refreshing together. And it may all be in my head, but I really do feel more energize when I take the time to make a fresh meal (instead of eating the more deep-fried/pre-made things I have a tendency to want to eat).

So because of this, my dinners have actually been quite enjoyable lately! I'm sure hoping this new found enjoyment of cooking sticks around! (But if not, there is always the classic peanut butter on toast!)

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