Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbows & Geometry

Last week I was feeling a bit artsy and I decided that my walls were looking a little too bare, so I ran out and bought some art supplies. I didn't really have an idea in mind, I just knew I wanted something geometric. I can't quite say this piece is very original (triangles seem to be everywhere as of late) but I still like it quite a bit! And I think it looks really sweet with my flags hanging next to it!

It was actually just really nice to sit and paint for awhile. I find sometimes there is a bit of a disconnect between me and the project I'm working on when I sew by machine. It doesn't always feel as directly creative (but I don't have this feeling with hand sewing). So I was quite happy to feel a bit more connected to this project.

And now I think my walls look much more cheerful!

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