Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art & Poetry on Youtube: An Interview with CandySomething and MeowItsLucy

This week, I’m starting what I hope will be a monthly series where I interview some of the Wonderly ladies along with other youtubers to get to know a bit more about their process, and how they turn their ideas to reality. For the first week I interviewed Candice from CandySomething and Lucy from MeowItsLucy on the topic of art and poetry on youtube. These ladies had so much goodness to share I had to split the interview into two parts. So keep your eyes out for part 2 next week!

Q: So first up, can you just mention a bit about who you are, and what your youtube channel is?

Lucy: My name is Lucy and I am an eighteen year-old video-maker who resides in the south of England. I have two channels; one hosts vlogs whilst the other acts as my creative outlet. The creative channel can be found here: youtube.com/meowitslucy, and the vlog channel here:  youtube.com/teawiththreesugars.

Candice: Hello! I’m Candice and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am an English student and I’ve been making Youtube videos for nearly 3 years. My main Youtube channel is youtube.com/candysomething.

Q: What first inspired you to create and share poetry and/or art on youtube?

Lucy: Initially I began uploading vlogs to YouTube, but once my friends discovered them (and persistently reminded me of how embarrassing they were,) I vowed to only upload videos I was happy for everybody I knew to watch. Montages and experimentation with aesthetics and concepts became the focal point of my channel.

Candice: The videos of Youtubers like KickThePJ and Nanalew have always been favourites of mine; combining images, words and music to create something that’s like a little chunk of imagination, and that can mean different things to different people. I’ve always spent a great deal of time writing creatively, but it took a while for me to realise that I could use Youtube as a platform for this as opposed to just making vlogs that were terribly mediocre. 

Q: What comes first the video idea or the poem idea? And can you share a bit about you’re the process from idea to live on youtube?

Lucy: The poetry will always come before the video. I find it easier to start with a single idea and build around it - this could be a poem, song or image that I just can’t shake from my imagination.

Candice: The poem idea always comes first. In fact, in the last year or so, I’d say only about 1 in 30 of the poems I’ve written have ended up on Youtube. I’m always writing, but I have the capacity to write really awful poetry and I always doubt things I’ve written. The poetry videos are the scariest to upload and even when I get a really positive reaction, there’s always a voice in my head that says one day I’ll think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever written. 
Once I have the poem written and redrafted, and I’ve spent ages reading it aloud to get the spoken rhythm right, I’ll pull out what I think is the most important image and try to create the video around that. Usually it’s something pretty simple, which I think is the most effective. 

Q: Do you find it more or less difficult to share your artist videos (as opposed to vlogs)? Why?

Lucy: I find it much easier to share my creative videos because I put more work into them. I usually feel, as I’m sure many video-makers feel also, quite proud of my final product because I have tried my hardest to produce something exciting and professional. My vlogs require minimal effort in comparison.

Candice: I find it much more difficult to share poetry videos. Not even because I fear people not enjoying it, (there isn’t a Youtube troll in existence who could be as critical as I am of myself) but because writing is such a personal thing and once that snippet of yourself goes live, you can’t take it back. Uploading a vlog is like talking to a friend you haven’t seen in a little while. Uploading a poetry video is like talking to a psychiatrist. (I’m kidding. Kind of.)

Q. What is your favourite art and/or poetry video that you have made and why?

Lucy: My favourite video is Rain Smell; it was made in January 2012 when I was feeling quite vulnerable. Half of the video was filmed in the town my grandparents have never left which we visit every Christmas and the other half in my own home. The juxtaposition of these two settings is really personal to me. Plus I get naked.

Candice: ‘Fish Bowl’ is my current favourite. That one basically wrote itself and it has resonated with quite a few people. I also got to film lots of goldfish in a local pet shop and whilst there I met a lovely rabbit who I almost took home. 

Q: Do you have any advice to those trying to write poetry and/or create more artistic videos?

Lucy: Just. Keep. Making. Try and make something new every week and don’t feel pressured to make it perfect. See it as an experiment which will lead to better videos in the future. You are allowed to be inspired by other people! Don’t see it as ‘copying their work’.

Candice: Although uploading things that you’ve written/created is terrifying, just remember that ‘good’ is a matter of opinion. Lots of people might think you’re terrible, but one person might get more out of your words than… Shakespeare’s. 

Q: Can you recommend an art or poetry channel to check out?

Lucy: I am feeling so inspired by Casey Neistat’s videos at the moment, which are a sort of artistic-documentary hybrid (youtube.com/caseyneistat). I would also recommend EmilieOfNewGloom (youtube.com/EmilieOfNewGloom), and, if you like beautiful and creative fashion videos, Erica Fae’s channel is perfection (youtube.com/wallaceef).

Candice: Everyone should be subscribed to meowitslucy because she has wisdom beyond her years. I also have to recommend youtube.com/unsignedletters (Christina). Christina’s videos make my soul happy. 

Lucy & Candice:  Watsky!! youtube.com/gwatsky

A big thanks to both Candice and Lucy for being such lovely interviewees!

Interview can also be found on Wonderly.com

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