Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's Making Me Happy Online

One of my favorite blogs, The Uniqueness of Being, writes a weekly post about what is making her happy. She shares all kinds of lovely links to happy things around the interwebs. I love reading it because she finds the most fun, cute, adorable and inspiring things (and every week too!).

One of my favorite compliments I've ever been given is "you are really good at the internet" (others include, oh man, you are funny! and dang girl you are intelligent... I mean, just in case you ever need to know). But anyways, I was thinking to myself I am good at the internet, I should share what I find every week too! So as inspired by The Uniqueness of Being and my pure love of the web, I give you what's making me happy online this week (which probably wont be a weekly post, but just go with it!)

1. This article about who wore it best at the Oscars... ANIMAL EDITION

2. This perfect article about things we need to stop talking about in 2013.

3. As a new 'youtuber' and also coincidentally a girl, this video hit the nail on the head! Love it.

4. This awesome Documentary (available for free online) Called Makers about the "Women Who Make America". It's so beautiful and Inspiring! Go check it out here!

5. This f**king amazing quilt!! Click the picture to read the whole story behind the quilt and find out about the artists who made it!

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