Monday, March 11, 2013

Never Stop Playing!

I've recently discovered this amazing site called Wonderly. As they say on their website “Wonderly is a place for innovative, female creators and audiences to meet, collaborate, and celebrate each other’s creations.” How awesome is that?!

Each month they have a theme for people to submit different blog posts (or videos, images, creations, etc). This months theme is Play. And I looooooove to play! I submitted a few posts and they actually ended up using one (what?!). You can see the post here at I was so excited to share my fun little evening with the people at Wonderly.

But it really did get me thinking about play.

What is it about growing up that makes people think you're not supposed to have play time anymore? It just doesn't make sense to me! As someone with a lot of energy I often feel like being silly, or trying new things, or getting outside, or literally just playing. But as I get older (I'm 23 now), I find people are more and more confused by my genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for life.

I've been told before that I am very "in touch with my inner child", and I like to think that is one of my best qualities. Some people might see that as being told you’re a bit childish, or immature, but to me it means I can find the fun in almost any situation, find wonder where others might fail to, and laugh till my stomach hurts at really silly things. 

I feel lucky to still want to play, lucky that I'd rather build a sand castle at the beach then tan, lucky that I want to run barefoot around the park in spring, and lucky that I legitimately still dance alone in my room. I'm lucky because unfortunately as we age we are taught to sit still, calm down, "act our age" and to stop being so silly. And although I'm sure people tried to teach me these lessons at some point, thankfully, they just didn't stick with me!

So the next time you want to play, if you're worried about looking silly or childish, play anyway! Try not to worry about what you'll look like (I know that's easier said than done, but try!) and just play. Who knows, you may even stumble upon a patch of perfectly wet clay, and how could you pass up the opportunity to cover yourself in it?!

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