Monday, March 4, 2013

I laugh at Kids

Kids are amazing. They say the most hilarious things without even knowing it... I love it! This past summer I babysat quite a bit, and would often write down some of the more amazing conversations. This past week I stumbled upon two I had saved in my phone and just had to share. 

Kid: Did you already marry?
Me: Nope, actually I don't even have a boyfriend.
Kid: Well, my friend Sam, he's 10, he already has a girlfriend, so...
Oh, okay great. Sam the 10 year old has more game then me. 

During this conversation, it was raining outside.
Kid: Those people sure take a lot of showers
Me: What people?
Kid: The people who make the rain!

Just classic kid incite. I love it. Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday :)

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