Monday, March 25, 2013

Effing Pandas!!?!

So, I have to tell you guys something. I don't think it has come up before (which is weird when I think about it), but..... I love Panda Bears. I love them so much. Normal people have a favourite animal, I have a "best freaking animal of all time" favourite animal. I love them so sooo much.

So when I found out this week that Panda Bears are coming to the Toronto zoo, not for 1, but 5 whole years, I freaked out with joy!! Even though I'm not currently living in Canada, I'm still super excited! I know I'll be back next year, and I suspect within the first week of being home, I'll be off to see the beautiful things!

My goal is to visit them at minimum once per year while they visit, but who knows, it could be more! Ah, I am just so damn excited about this!! :)

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