Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Something Sunday 11: Little Birdies

This week I was very happy to have finish a lingering embroidery project. I started this a while ago, and had it sitting at 80% finished for over a month. But this was the week that I finally got it out and finished it up!

The different birds, stars etc. came from an embroidery patter, but the pieces were set up in a way to allow you to cut out each piece and arrange them yourself to create your own image. I can say with confidence, that placing the different pieces from the pattern onto the fabric was not my strength. They are aligned all funny, and the whole piece just doesn't really seem to have any flow. I do like each part of this image alone, but the way I have placed them looks strange to me. Oh well!

Embroidery is one of those crafts that I know I like, but I always have a hard time actually picking up and doing. Every time I am working on a new embroidery project I think to myself, this is so nice and relaxing, I love this, why don't I do this more?! But then it's another 5 months before I start up another needle work project. It's so silly! I need to do this more. 

This was my first try with french knots, which I used for the eyes on two of the birds, and I loved the look. I was quite excited about how simple they were to make too! 

Despite the fact that it might not be my favourite thing I've ever made, I am quite happy to finally have a bit of home-made art up around my new place!

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