Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Goals

As I mentioned in my recent post about New Years resolutions, I hope to make more monthly goals as a way to make them more tangible. 30 days seems way more doable than 365! What I hope to do, as a way to encourage myself to both set the goals and follow through with them, is post my new monthly goals on the first of each month! For January I waited a while because January 1st was already filled with goals and reflection, but now that I've had a little over a week to think about it, here are my goals for the rest of January!

The only "rule" I've given myself for this project is that I can't have more than 5 goals per month!

ps: Thanks to Elise Blaha for the inspiration for this type of goal setting as well as the blog post!


  1. such a good idea! i like the say "at home" less goal! how is that going?

    1. thanks girl! I've been so much better at not saying it. It was hard the first two months, but now it's easier. :)