Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year, Another Reflective Post...

To be totally honest, I didn't really want to write this post. I didn't follow through on a few of my goals that I thought were really important when I wrote them. But also (once again) I don't even think some of them apply to my life anymore. Sometimes what you want one month changes by the next. BUT I think for me it is important to look back on my goals so that I can be better at both setting and achieving them in the future.

So what did I say my goals were last year? And how did I do? (Spoiler allert: I did okay. Nothing to write home about, but yet, here I am writing about it....)

1. Make a new bed quilt
Were starting out good, because this one I actually completed! Yay! 

2. Go to Zumba once a week
I defiantly went a lot more this year, and I loved it every time! I didn't make it every week, but I did okay! (I will partially blame this fail on how dang expensive it is!)

3. Read more
Okay, so were still doing well, because I killed this goal. I read so many books this year! I started to keep track I was so impressed with myself! haha I finished 16 books and am currently in the middle of a 17th. For me, this is HUGE! I'm defiantly going to try and keep up with this. 

4. Continue working to find balance in your life
Carly of 2012, you are so cheesy! But ya ya, you did pretty good at this one. 

5. Get a "real" job (in the engineering field!)
This goal doesn't apply anymore seeing as I moved across the world. But I'll be honest, this goal is a bummer to read back.

6. Donate another quilt
So sooo embarrassed to say I didn't complete this one. 

7. Go on (at least) two out of province trips
Killed this goal! I went to Mississippi, Vancouver, lots in the West Coast USA and I freakin moved to The Netherlands! 

8. Work on being more spontaneous 
For sure. Its a weird thing to "work on" but some how I do think I got better at this. I especially felt I grew in this area during my 3 week trip to the west coast US.

9. Make a bigger effort with friends in different cities
Some months defiantly, and some months not so much... overall I think I got slightly better.. hopefully!

10. Journal more
I think I may have journal-ed less this year. Ah man! But I did write an awesome travel journal during my US trip. It was complete with polaroid pictures from the trip!

11. Make a series of 'art pieces' that go together
Not even close... 

Aaand, my Something Sunday and Wordless Wednesday goals
Man, I had so much fun with these goals! And I have to say, I did pretty damn well! I only missed 3/52 weeks with something Sunday and only 1/52 weeks with wordless Wednesdays! I'm so so thrilled with this, and really hope to keep it up in 2013.

So after going through these, I actually did better then I thought I did. But I still want to work on both my goal writing and my follow through! 

Happy 2013 Everyone!!

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