Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something Sunday 46: Laundry Bag

Last week, I mentioned a list of things I hope to make before I move... Here is a reminder of my goals:

Still on my list of things to make before I move in three 1.5 weeks:
Laundry bag for when I travel (done! And you're looking at it!)
- Case for all my tools (done, you'll see it next week!)
- Lens cap case (done, but I'm saving this one!)
Patchwork lanyard for my keys (done, but I'm saving this one too!)
Travel sewing kit
- Pillow case to match my new bed quilt
- Messenger bag (Still not sure if I'll be able to get this one done in time...)
- Christmas gifts for my immediate family (4 different gifts)

I really surprised myself this week with how much I got done! I'm so happy to feel so close to being ready!

To sew the laundry bag I used In Color Order's Lined Draw String Bag tutorial (She's American, I didn't spell colour wrong!). It is such a great simple tutorial, and easy to alter for different sizes. I used the same size, but I didn't square the corners because I wanted the bag to be able to lay flat when it's empty.

The fabric I used for the majority of the outside of the bag is actually a map of the London Underground. I found it very fitting for my travel laundry bag!

I'm sure any backpackers reading this will think I'm nuts making space for this in my backpack, but I reaaaally hate it when my dirty socks and undies are mixed in with my clean clothes. So for me, this is well worth it!

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ps: The reason I'm saving so many of the items I've made on my list is because I want to have a few projects saved up for the weeks before, after and during the move. Just in case I can't get anything new made during those three weeks these items will be what I share on my Something Sundays. But I'm very excited to share them all with you in the weeks to come :)

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