Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Moving!

Good bye Canada, Hello The Netherlands!!!

Yup, I'm moving across the Ocean! But don't you fret, I'm brining Eleanor* (my trusty sewing machine) with me!

Its a bit of a long story how it all happened, but I've ended up with a one-year job contract working in The Netherlands, and really, how could I have said no to that?! I'm going to be working at a Conference Centre and Hotel and living about an hour east of Amsterdam. I don't speak any Dutch, but I reeaaaallly hope to learn, and I have already started audio lessons (using the Pimsleur method). My flight is booked for November 28th, and you can expect to see lots about the move and my adventures in the next 12 months!

PS: I plan to bring three pieces of luggage when I move which is why I made 3 of all my travel accessories last Sunday. Also, you can expect the next three "Something Sundays" to be related to the Move. I've been very inspired my the Sewing Summit "Travel Handmade" pintrest board.

* named after Eleanor Roosevelt, what a Gal!

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  1. Have a safe trip, cant wait see/ hear all story about your move and your adventure there in Netherland! Everyone here will miss you, especially you gone for christmas! HUGS