Sunday, September 30, 2012

Something Sunday 39: Project Life Update

I fiiiinally feel like I have a sort of theme, or flow between my Project Life pages. And now that I'm happy with how they are looking, I'm enjoying it more and more each week! I still have a goal to use more washi tape in the layouts, but other than that, I really feel like I've improved! I added one journalling page to each layout, which I've pixelated away because its just embarrassing life details the world at large doesn't need to read :) So here they are...

Weeks 32 and 33 (August 6th - 9th)

Week 34 (August 20th - 26th)
This week I had an "event" that I wanted to highlight, so I added a 4x12 insert into the layout. I didn't buy this one special or anything, I simple cut the Project Life Page A down the first row (being careful to make sure I still had edges sealed, so the pictures didn't fall out). I'm really quite happy how this extra page looks popped into the week of pictures!

 Week 35 (August 27th - September 2nd)

Week 36 (September 3rd - 9th)

They way I sept up my Project Life is, I pick out all my pictures, edit them to the sizes I want, and then journal for that week, and add any decoration cards I want. I try to make sure I do this on the last day of the week, or at least within a few days of it so that I can remember all the details I want to write down. Then I wait to order my pictures (because I don't have a home printer). I generally wait two or three weeks to order the pictures because they are cheaper when bought in bulk. Then when the pictures come, I just round the corners and pop them into there spot! I add some details and notes to the pictures sometimes, but those are simple and not much work. This does make the process a bit dis-jointed, but I like it better because this way I'm not forgetting the details of the week that I want to remember.

Speaking of rounded corners... I caved and bought a We R Memory Keepers corner rounder, and I am in LOVE! It is sooo much nicer than the little one I was using, and it has two options which is a really nice touch. The PL corners are a bit smaller than the 1/4 size, but I prefer this look, so I don't mind that it's a bit different. I highly recommend getting one if you've been thinking about it!

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  1. I love scrapbooking but I often feel overwhelmed with all the...stuff...that goes with it. I saw the project life stuff a while back and I'm really considering it. Maybe not the whole kit and caboodle since I have so many scrap book supplies as is, but the pages look so user friendly!

    1. I agree! This way has been a good balance for me. And its been a fun challenge to remember to take more pictures! (and as for stuff, I only bought the pages, and I use my stash of papers for the rest)