Friday, September 14, 2012

My Favourite Sewing Tools

Can you believe I've been sewing consistently for 3 years now? I can't! Previously I dabbled in sewing on and off , both when I was a kid and in high school, but I wouldn't have called myself a sewer (and quilter) until 2009. Anyway, all this is just to say, I've learned some things along the way. I shared some tips on cutting tools recently, and it made me think of the other great things I've learned along the way. So today, I'm going to share my favourite sewing tools that I use.

*note: I've linked most of the product names to thier website or a website selling it! But I'm far to small a blog to be sponsored, so don't worry, you're getting an un-biased opinion

1. Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat, and Acrylic Ruler
I use all three of these on every single sewing project. I originally bought them when I started quilting because I had seen them suggested on many quilting blogs, but I now use them for cutting all of my fabric. It is simply the easiest and most enjoyable way for me to cut fabric! (If you're not sure how they work watch this video)

Okay, you may be thinking this is very lame, but let me explain! I find this especially useful when I'm sewing big projects like a quilt. At the very start of the project I will fill 4 or 5 bobbins with the thread I'm using and have them ready in the bobbin holder. That way when you run out of bobbin thread, you can just grab another and keep going. I find this helps me so that I don't lose momentum. (Mine is clearly empty right now, but with the start of my next project it will be full again!) Also, here is a link to make your own bobbin holder. 

3. Measuring Tape
This is just a given. I always need to measure things while I'm sewing, and although my cutting mat has measurements on it, nothing beats the measuring tape! (oops, I should have shown the metric side of the tape in the picture, I AM Canadian, I swear.)

4. Seam Ripper/Unpicker
If, like me, you make mistakes, then this is just a good tool to have on hand. I use it more then I would like, but it makes undoing seams so much easier. They are very sharp tools though, so you have to be careful not to get any fabric caught in it too, otherwise it will rip the fabric.

5. Two-Sided Zipper Foot
I sew lots of things with zippers in them, so for me a zipper foot is necessary. However, the two-sided zipper foot is just awesome. It allows you to sew the zipper on from either side of your machine (it should be clear how this works when you have it in front of your machine). It's just a  little extra versatility, but I find it so helpful!

6. My Sewing Trash Can/Pin Cushion/Thread Catcher 
I had had this on my "to sew" list for almost a year before I got around to it, and I wish I had got to it sooner. It is so handy to have hanging off my desk while I sew. not only do I have somewhere to put all my scraps and thread, I have an easy spot to grab pins from as I work. It really is handy, and I use it every time I sew!

All of the tools I've share are fairly simple things, but I find they are all so helpful to make sewing fun and not frustrating! (Okay, maybe the un-picker is frustrating! haha)

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