Thursday, August 16, 2012

Art Attack!

We had a little art night at my house this week, and it was tons of fun! To summarize how it went, please see the comparison of art made below...

So, it turns out I might not be an artist. But you'd be surprised (impressed?) how long that little cloud took me. I had fun sitting there and painting for the evening though, and I ended up with a few little pieces that made me smile (and laugh).

I also had a bit of a genius moment when I realized we could use the egg carton to hold our paints! I'm sure that lots of people have done that, but I just thought of it, no help from Pintrest or anything! I felt pretty proud.

I really do love painting, even though I may not always love the final product, I still think its a great way to spend an evening! Going to art classes has officially make it onto my bucket list.

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