Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Womanifesto Challenge

I heard about this awesome idea of writing a 'womanifesto' from my biggest blog crush right now Vanagon Champion. She's got so many interesting and fun things over on her blog, but my favourite has got to be her beautiful ideas of self love that she shares. Who can't use a reminder of how to treat yourself with love every now and then? What is a Womanifesto you ask? Well the definition I'm using was posted by the Womanifesto Challenge organizer The Militant Baker also known as Jes, and I have copied and pasted it below.



 A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, and views of its female author. May include themes of empowerment, independence, self love, consciousness, affirmation, and individual acceptance; your positive beliefs about yourself. Created to give self-described definition in regards to the innate beauty inside of every woman. Yes, even you.


I like this idea. I like it a lot.
I also really enjoy what Amy said in her Womanifesto introduction "2012 is the year of wtf is my life and let's figure it out." Well me too, so I thought I'd give it a go, and try and write my own!

I'm only going to share a little bit, because it really is a personal thing. I'm so impressed with all the ladies that have been able to share there 'festos, but I get a bit nervous sharing too much in blog land. Anyways, here is a bit of mine!

I will allow myself to be whoever I need to be at any particular moment.
I will not apologise for being too excited, too happy, too sad, too emotional. 
I will commit to helping others
I will commit to volunteering my time, money and ideas
I will commit to being grateful (even during the hard times)
I will embrace my body as it is, and appreciate it for what it can do

That's all I'm going to put for now, I'm still working on it to be honest. It's quite a hard thing to write. Kind of like a life mission statement. But I am enjoying the process! Thanks to Jes and Amy for the inspiration!

The Militant Baker


  1. Thanks for sharing even a little bit! It takes guts:)

    1. thanks for the inspiration! It's a really great idea!