Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Summer of Self Love!

I discovered the most lovely idea (and blog) this past week, and I'm so excited I had to share.

Amy Morby has a blog called Vanagon Champion (formerly A is for Ampersand), and it is delightful. She has started a summer pledge asking people to commit to self-love (body and otherwise) this summer. How freakin' awesome is that? 
Here is the idea in her words:


So why "Embrace your inner pin up girl?" Because every single woman out there is a foxy diva, ready to put on a swimsuit and kick it at the beach and feel great about herself. Every woman deserves to feel sexy, confident, and happy this summer. So, the idea behind this little revolution is to banish the negative body talk and find your inner pin up girl. Let her out. Feel AMAZINGLY sexy this summer in whatever you wear, wherever you go, whatever your size. Be the smoldering lady of brazen confidence you are and live in the present as much as possible.
Embrace your inner pin up girl, champs. That's what this is ALL about.
This will be a week-long revolution as far as this blog goes, but really, I'll be challenging myself to this revolution all summer long! If you'd like to join in, take the Summer of Self-Love pledge by commenting below! By doing so, you pledge to...
I, _______________________, swear to have the best summer of my life filled with the most radical body confidence I've ever known. I pledge to:

  • Tune out pressure to fit into a certain body shape and size.
  • Accept my body wholly and unconditionally as it looks now.
  • Wear whatever I want to wear this summer and not think twice.
  • Say yes to summer activities, like swimming and the beach, even if I don't feel great in my bathing suit. I DESERVE TO HAVE FUN, and I will change my way of thinking about my body.
  • Stop any negative body talk I hear around me, including in my own head
  • Most of all, I pledge to live in the present, do what makes me happy, and live it up with the one body I have.

  • *********************

    So there it is! What do you think? I know I'm going to try my best! Please head over and give her blog a read, aside from the Summer of Self-Love Series, she posts lots about design, thrifty finds, her life and her amazing 1984 Westfalia Vanagon neamed Westy. Oh and did I mention she loves Star Wars?... yeah, just go read it already. 

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