Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something Sunday 29: Project Life!

I finally started my Project Life album! (I know I have been sharing a lot of photo projects lately, but next week will be something completely different, so I hope you can bare with me on one more photo post!)

I've seen project life all over the place, and I have been so excited to start with it. I had a few scrapbook project that I knew would take me until mid-may (this one and this one) so I decided to just wait and start mine mid-may. (The main way I have seen it used is as a weekly update album from January-December)

I got the idea for my 'title page' from Kelly Purkey's blog and I'm really happy with it! The only thing that is kind of weird is how big I am in the image compared to hers. The point of the album is about my day-to-day activities though, so I figure a big picture of me is fitting! (We'll just go with that...)

My goal is to do 2 pages (with the book open, one on the left and one on the right) for each week for the remainder of 2012. I made this last week though, and was playing catch up with some previous weeks. For the catch up weeks I wasn't in the 'take pictures of everything' mode yet, so I decided to put a few weeks into one layout (as you'll see below).

Week 21 (May 21st - May 27th)

  Week 23, 24, 25 (June 4th - June 24th) Note: I didn't do a week 22

  Week 26 (June 25th - July 2nd)

 Week 27 (July 3rd - July 8th) 

 I haven't come to a find a style I love completely yet. I'm working on it. I still see other P.L. posts and think they are so much better, but I know with time I will come into a style that I can enjoy. I will continue to post about project life, but I will try and avoid using for my 'something Sunday' too often.

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