Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Thoughts: New Stuff is Happening

So over here (at A Sewcial Life) I have generally shared mostly about, well, sewing (and crafting etc). And I really enjoy doing that! But, I've also been having fun writing some of the recent travel posts and reflective/thoughts on life type posts

I felt a bit odd writing the 'thoughts on life' type posts because of how different they are from the rest of the stuff that I normally write about (ie: crafts). I know the variety of topics I am now currently covering don't exactly go together, but I enjoy writing about all of it! So to make myself feel less weird about all the different and new things I feel like writing about I thought I'd just write this 'new stuff is happening' post to warn you.

I will definitely continue posting about my crafts and creations, but I expect that I will also continue writing more about both travel and life in general. I feel like 2012 is a turning into the year of "WTF is my life, and lets figure it out!" (as Amy Morby has put it) and I want to share some of that adventure.

Anyways, thanks to any of you lovely people reading! 

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