Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love... Adventures in Creative Writing

I've been interested in learning how to improve/start my creative writing for a while, and this week, I desided why not give it a try. I'm mostly interested in learning how to improve my writing for this (my blog) and for my scrapbooks (when I write summaries of events next to pictures), so there is no need to worry, I wont be releasing a screen play any time soon.

I took out "Rip the Page, Adventures in Creative Writing" by Karen Benke from the Library to get started. The book is very interactive with open-ended experiments to work on and improve your creative writing skills. It's a really great book, and I've been having a lot of fun with the activities in it. (I'm pretty sure it's meant for 'youth' seeing as I had to go to the children's section of the library to find it, but I still love it!)

I really enjoyed one activity called 'An Attitude of Gratitude'. It suggests writing a poem of something you are thankful for (and gave some examples). What I came up with is sort of a hybrid poem-paragraph-list.This is straight from my journal with no edits. It's kind of odd, but I enjoy the natural and sometimes weird direction the list takes. I let my mind just try and think of every random thing I loved and appreciated no matter how silly or "not deep enough" it seemed. It was a simple and fun activity that brought be a smile during my day. I'm sharing it, in hopes that it might encourage someone else to remember all the things they love. 

I often think I appreciate funny things.
But that is a gift in it self because I get to find joy in special places.
In all kinds of special places.
I'm often smiling to myself thinking how great life is.
I love...
Walking with no shoes on, especially in the sand
The stars at night
Dancing... my kind of dancing, letting my body move where ever it wants to go
Singing along to every song I hear, even if I don't know the words
Fountain pop with lots of ice
Teaching others to craft
The smell of spring and the feeling of fall
The feeling after you've been outside for a while in winter and you come inside to the warmth (it's like a hug)
Oh, and I love hugs
And holding hands
Being deep in a forest with big trees to look up at
Pictures of panda bears
The squires on my block are so sweet too
Learning something new and being open to change
Nature, all of it
Laughter.... about anything
Being silly with Anne and Julia
Working hard and achieving a goal
Reading a book for a second time, but forgetting the ending so it's still a surprise
Balling my eyes out in a movie
Feeling connected to the Universe
When I write a sentience or note and have nice hand writing for the whole thing 
Capturing a perfect moment on film
Enjoying a perfect moment without any distractions
Loving whole heartedly without fear of what could happen
This body I was given
Being loved
The colours teal and red together

There you have it. My first creative writing piece. Nothing crazy but that's the point, I think at least, of creative writing, it can be whatever you want it to be. Also, after re-reading this I realized that it makes me think of the blog 1000 awesome things. Check it out, it is almost guaranteed to make you smile!

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