Friday, May 25, 2012

Reflections on Travelling alone

I will be the first to admit before I took off on my latest adventure, alone, to the west coast, I was sceptical. I didn't really understand people who travelled alone, and I kind of assumed they were lying when they said it was awesome. The only reason I ended up on a trip alone was because I was determined to see the west coast, and none of the people I would have liked to travel with were able to join me.

BUT, it turns out these people who seem to love travelling alone aren't crazy! It was freaking awesome! The funny thing is though, one of the main reasons it was awesome was because of all the different people I met along the way. (Okay, and also being totally self indulgent and doing whatever I wanted the whole time was good too). But a big part of the fun was definitely the new people I met. So I don't really know if the fun is from being alone, but it was definitely great to be away from my comfort zone.

I loved getting to meet knew people, and see new things with them. It definitely pushed me to be far more spontaneous then normal. I'm an over planner my nature, so that fact that I didn't have every minute planned out was already a surprise, but the fact that I basically ignored any kind of schedule day to day (aside from when to move to the next city) was an actual miracle. It was so freeing!

I am already planning to do it again! I know I had an exceptionally good time with it, and that not all trips are as smooth or with out problems, but I still think its worth doing again. Especially right now! What else do I have to do?!

Only problem with travelling alone, is I really over did the selfsie pics.... Don't judge me.

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