Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(almost) Wordless Wednesday

First off, I see I have a few new followers. Hi! Thanks for coming to look at my little crafty mess over here :)

Second, I missed Something Sunday this week! Oh Dang. I was still travelling and I had nothing but my journal to share, and I really didn't want the internet to have pictures of it to read. I've decided, as a personal goal, to miss no more than 5 Something Sundays, and to miss 0 Wordless Wednesdays. The WW's are so easy, there is no reason I should miss them, but the SS's require a bit more work, so I'll give myself a few free passes. Because I missed this past Sunday, I'm down to 4/5 free passes.... better keep crafting while I'm home!

Now that I'm home I'll hopefully be able to write up some fun posts about what I saw over the past 4 weeks. To sum it up, I'm in love with the West Coast... especially California. It's the most clich√© thing to love, but it turns out its true, the west coast is awesome. For now, I'll share a few pictures from early in the trip.


  1. I love that first photo! Instead of it being tucked onto the back of a road sign, the D.O.T. should make big, bold, colorful signs with that on the front and plunk them randomly across the country!

    1. thanks! And I fully agree! They need more uplifting signs, it would be awesome!