Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Travel!

I am once again planing to go on a trip! It looks like I will be achieving my new years goal of "two out-of-province trips" very early in the year! (I guess that means I get to up the goal next year)

I will be visiting the west coast including Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, and possibly San Jose and Seattle. Its going to be very flexible, so we'll see what happens!

Before I head out though (not for another month), I thought I would start up a new series about the places I have been! It wont have a weekly installment like Something Sunday, or Wordless Wednesday, I'll just write when I can. 

Here is a list of the countries you will see written about: 

EDIT: So upon trying to start writing about any of the countries that I visited more than a year or two ago, I realized I couldn't remember enough to write anything that was useful or interesting. So I'm going to skip writing about the old places and just try and write about places I'm going/have been recently!

Because I have travelled a lot in both Canada and the US, when I write about them I will break it down into the province's or states that I have been too. In Canada I have been to every province, so it will take a while to get through all of those! In the US, I have been to 17 States, however lots of them were just passed through on road trips. I would have said 18 states but I just found out that D.C. isn't actually a state, it's a "federal district", who knew!?  Honestly ...I probably won't do this, but I will write about cool things I see in new trips! :)


  1. Crap! I live here and I've only visited six states (not counting my current one)! I am the worst tourist ever!

  2. hahah oh no! Well like I said, a lot of those I simply drove through! I went through 6 alone driving from Toronto to New Orleans... so I kinda cheated.

  3. Yay! Just found your blog today and I love it! I love the name of it, very clever and cute :)
    Toni xo