Friday, March 2, 2012

Mississippi Review - Part 2

Earlier this week I shared the first half of my review from my trip to Mississippi, now I'm going to share the second half.

My Sleeping spot for the week! 

In the first part I shared my experience volunteering in Hattiesburg, but I spent almost as much time touring as I did volunteering. I felt very awkward calling it a volunteer trip to be honest, and mostly avoided doing so because to give three days of volunteer time doesn't seem like a lot. As is often true the volunteering portion of the trip taught me far more than I 'gave' to the city.....aaanyways, here is what I did when I wasn't at the school!

The first tour we took was called the Freedom Summer Tour. Our tour guild, Ms. Peggy Jean Connor, was a civil rights activist during the 60's and was able to tell us personal stories from her time fighting for her right to vote (and so much more). It was amazing to hear stories about it from someone who was actually there as it was happening. She even spent time working with Martin Luther King directly! Needless to say, it was an awesome tour.

After the tour we went to the African American Military History Museum. We were lucky to get a tour through the museum as well and hear personal stories from the museum curator. After the museum we all went to lunch in downtown Hattiesburg and lucky for me, our tour guide sat with us, and I was able to hear even more about the freedom movement.

Later in the week on Friday we had time to go to the Gulf Coast and to visit New Orleans! We went to the city of Gulfport along the gulf coast and were able to walk around a bit and see the ocean before we headed to New Orleans. We drove along the coast for a bit on our way to the city and we were able to see some of the flood lines from Hurricane Katrina and the remaining damages. It was really crazy to see newly built homes next to abandoned ones. After our scenic drive we arrived in New Orleans, and it was awesome!

I had such a fun time wandering around New Orleans! I only had time to see the French Quarter but that part alone was so much fun! The French Quarter is the 'touristy' area, so it was the part that I was most hoping to see anyways. After being to the city though, I would love to go and see more of it, maybe even take in a Saints game.  

The South was amazing, I can't say that enough.... I'm day dreaming of visiting again, and hoping to see even more next time!

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