Friday, March 23, 2012

Give Away - but not quite yet!

This month I decided I wanted to try sponsoring a blog. I don't have piles of money though, so when the Life of a Cupcake blog offered to take on sponsors in exchange for a giveaway item, I was in!

My sewing machine has been on an extended break as I have been paper crafting up a storm.. but I dusted it off (literally) and got it going this week. I decided to make a few pencil case/clutch/case type things. They seemed like a good idea for a giveaway because I figured everyone can use and extra bag!

The case is made out of my faaaaavorite fabric by Melody Miller. I just can't get enough of her stuff... so pretty! I will also be giving away 2 other bags of the winners choice (clutch, pencil case etc).

The giveaway isn't up yet at The Life of a Cupcake, but as soon as it goes up I will share here so you have a chance to enter! (For those of you unfamiliar with blog giveaways, generally you are just required to comment on the blog post to be entered to win!)

Can't wait to actually mail it off to someone! :)

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