Friday, February 3, 2012


A blogger I have mentioned before, Elise Blaha (can you tell I like her stuff?) did something in January that I thought was really cool. She came up with a word for 2012.

She picked it to be a word that she can reflect on as the year moves forward. Her word is Choose. I love that word, it is such a good word for the year. As much as I wanted to snatch it up and take it as mine, I really thought it would mean more over my year if I focused and found my own.

Last year, probably around mid October, I started thinking about the idea of saying yes more often. To be honest, it started with the idea of saying yes to going out on weekends more often. Sometimes I get lazy and cozy and don't want to bother going out, so I made a point to say yes more often. From the idea of saying yes to going out more often, I moved towards trying to saying yes to life in general. Say yes to a job opportunity that is scary, or a trip that seems out of your comfort zone, or it can be as simple as saying yes to trying that new food that looks weird.

So even though this word started in 2011 for me, I am choosing it as my 2012 word. I figure this way it is more of a concision decision, and I can give it the full year it deserves.

So my word will be Yes. Thats it. Yes.

(I realized after I picked this word that there is a whole movie about it, it's called "yes man", but I don't intend to be that black and white about the whole thing!)


  1. Good for you! Saying yes to things that are outside your "normal" can be petrifying! Although, if I were to pick a word, I'd go the opposite way! I am always committing myself to things I really don't want to do!

    1. Thanks! Over committing can be a problem too, but I feel like right now I have the time to do lots, so I better! Maybe your word could be 'me' its a positive spin on 'no' haha