Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Resolution Check In

Something I want to do here a bit more over this year is have periodic check in's with my resolutions. Writing them and then checking back a whole year later seems a bit like bad planning. Some resolutions are one time things that will happen and I can check off for the year, but most of them are on going and require some accountability throughout the year.

Here are my resolutions that I wrote on Dec. 30th, So far, I think I am doing pretty well.

1. Make a new bed quilt
I have the fabric and the plan and have completed one square. I will admit I started it in 2011 and I don't think I will actually finish this quilt until late summer, but it will be done!

2. Go to Zumba once a week
I have only been to Zumba the past two weeks, but I got the schedule down in my agenda finally and I plan on going again this week. I think I just needed to get the ball rolling on this one, because I feel good about it now that I've been going. Also, I totally look like the top photo....

Found here
3.Read more
I have almost finished my first book already! Aaaaand I have a second book lined up to go, feeling good about the reading. If your curious, I'm reading MWF seeking BFF, and it is awesome.

4. Continue working to find balance in your life
Yup and Yup, even subscribed to a daily news letter from Oprah, can't get better then that!

5. Get a "real" job (in the engineering field!)
Workin' on it!

6. Donate another quilt
Same as first quilt.. it will happen, just later in the year.

7. Go on (at least) two out of province trips
I already have one planned; I'm leaving for Mississippi February 18th. I'm going with a student group on campus where we volunteer during the day and get to hang out with local community groups in the evenings. Its based around the idea of community service learning. The goal is for two trip though, so I'm not done this one yet.

8. Work on being more spontaneous
How do I even quantify this? The fact that I made it a goal within a well organized list does not make for a promising start, but we'll see....

9. Make a bigger effort with friends in different cities
Trying my best! I do think I've been emailing a bit more.

10. Journal more
I think so, definitely been art journaling and scrapbooking more. Either way I'm recording memories which is the point! 

11. Make a series of 'art pieces' that go together
.....we'll see about this one

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  1. Nice check in. Keeps us honest with ourselves doesn't it? Putting not only our resolutions out there, but actually following up on them! Good for you. And I love that you have scheduled spontaneity!