Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mississippi Review - Part 1

As I mentioned last Friday I spent last week in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on a university run education/volunteer trip, and man, it was awesome!

on our way!

We spent 2 days driving down to Mississippi before spending 5 very busy days in the South, and then packed up for 2 more driving days to get home. It might sound crazy to spend 4 days driving for only 5 days there, but it was well worth it and made the trip far more affordable for everyone.

Of the 5 days there, 3 were spend volunteering, and two were spent seeing sights and learning about the civil rights movement!

I'm going to write a bit about my volunteer experience now, and I'll write about the traveling and tours a bit later in the week.

My Class!

My volunteer placement was at an Elementary school. I worked in a grade four class with one of the other volunteers on the trip, and we got to do a variety of different things during the days there. The main thing we did during our time there was to simply spend time helping kids with there work, and giving them one on one attention. We also helped the teacher make some posters for her classroom for the upcoming state testing. The most fun thing we did was to spend some time teaching the kids about Canada. It was so fun to hear there questions, and to talk about the similarity's and differences between our two countries. We also helped out at the after-school programs for reading and math. I quickly remembered how hard long division is!

The Friday after we left was their Black History Month Assembly, so we got to watch them practice for that a bit which was so much fun! The kids were adorable!

To be completely honest, I don't know how much I did in those three days, I mean I helped a few kids get through there reading, and made some posters, but in three days, not much can be done. I do know though, that I learned a lot about how amazing those kids are and how hard teachers work! I learned about the different things  that children experience depending on where they live, but I also realized, kids are kids. They are happy awesome little creatures, and so often they can find the positivity where "adults" fail too. I try my best to see the good in everything, and these kids sure showed me how to do that!

And a bonus, Southern kids have the cutest accents ever! And the amount of sass that they could toss out in one sentence was amazing! I may have been caught saying y'all all 3 days I was with them.... it was awesome.

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