Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm Going to Mississippi Ya'll

Tomorrow, I leave for Mississippi for a 9 day trip. We are busing there and back, so 4 of those days will be on the bus, but it will only add to the adventure!

I am going with a group of students from the University of Guelph through a program set up to encourage community service learning. The learning theme for this trip is race and poverty. The group I am travelling with and I have been getting together periodically since January and have been learning a lot about the Civil Rights movement so far. It will be really exciting to finally go there and see it, and get to meet the people we have been hearing about. (We are teaming up with the University of Southern Mississippi, so we will get to meet some of the students there).

The plan for the trip is a combination of volunteering and learning, with a tourist day thrown in at the end where we get to visit New Orleans! Our first day there we start off taking the 'freedom summer tour' which focuses on the civil rights movement in Hattiesburg, after that we get to go to the African American Military History Museum. The next three days we will spend at our different placements (not all of us will be volunteering at the same place). I will be volunteering at an elementary school, and I am so excited for it! For our last full day in Mississippi we will take a bus and head to the gulf coast for a tour focusing on the bp oil spill and damages in the area before heading to New Orleans. Then on Saturday we will hop back on the bus and head home to Canada. I'm sure there will be so much more that we do and learn, but that is the main plan for the trip. With 4 bus days and 5 days in Hattiesburg, I'm sure I will learn a lot!

I can't wait to see the South, and to get to enjoy some southern cuisine! What's a trip without local food anyway? 

Ps to give some context to the this bus trip, here is a map of the route. We get to stay over in Kentucky for the night between bus days too. Bonus!

I still have some blog post planned throughout the week, but they have been set up to be published automatically by blogger. I've never really had a problem with that, but in case nothing shows up for the week, I will share everything when I get back!


  1. Have fun! I miss college road trips! Enjoy the Southern food. And my one piece of advice, as a North East girl trapped in the South, stay away from okra! Bluck!! :)

    1. Just got back! It was an awesome trip, I'll post about it later this week. I had okra, and it wasn't all bad! haha I even tried fried alligator in New Orleans! The South is beautiful!