Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something Sunday 2: University Scrapbook/Album

I am happy to say I have made it to my second week of my Something Sunday series! This week I went on a photo craze and made about a million more pages for my University scrapbook album. I got updated all the way until the end of 2012. Which means I only have 1 semester and my Convocation ceremony and then this album (and my University life) are finished. But that's a whole different topic all together.

In 4th year (I am currently in my 5th and final year) I realized I had hardly any pictures from my time at university printed, and I decided to fix that! I started an album and quickly filled up about 180 photo pockets with pictures and memories. I had far less pictures from 1st and 2nd year and a lot more from 3rd year on, so it is growing bigger and bigger as I move forward. In the end I expect I will have 2 albums, 400 pictures and a collection of memories! (with a few other side albums of big events too, like my India scrap book)

Here are a bunch of my favourite pages from my scapbook so far:

Above is the opening page. UoG is for University of Guelph incase you were wondering. And below is a page I did for my wareneki making adventure!

 Above here is from the Hillside Music Festival in 2010, it was a lot of fun but very rainy and muddy. I figured the pictures below went with it; they are from a friends cottage where we found tons of clay, and naturally we covered ourselves with it!

In 2010 I lived in a house with 8 girls! It was awesome, and for as many occasions as possible we dressed up! For Halloween, we decided to go with a house theme of under-the-sea. On the top left you can kind of see my out fit; I am the octopus, and my friend is a jelly fish beside me!

The rest of the pictures below are not in an album yet because it is really hard to find 5X7 albums, but the pictures are all finished, so I count that as being done! Because these pictures will go in a new album I started it off to say "fourth year continues" as a link.

Just a note, that is just a BB gun in the picture above, and I was terrified!

My pages from my trip to Washington DC last February are some of my favourite! It was such a fun trip, I love reminiscing and looking back at the pictures.

Don't tell Ms. Roosevelt that I sat on the statue of her dog! haha

If you want to take a closer look at any of the pages, just click on the images, they go pretty large!

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