Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Single Girls Love for Valentine’s Day

I know that Valentine’s Day is still a month away, but because I just put up my decorations I thought I would write about it now. I love Valentine’s Day. I love it! I realize that I am single, and that I'm supposed to be on the ‘hating it’ side, but I don’t, in fact, I think it’s just the best!

I promise you this isn't an attempt to convince myself that “it’s okay I'm single” or that “I’m a strong independent female” both of those things are great, but that’s really not what its about for me. More accurately it’s about how much I love pink, girly, fun decorations and telling my friends how much I adore them!  For me it’s always been a day to tell anyone you love them, not just a romantic partner, which is why I don’t really think being single or in a relationship effects how I feel about the day.

What can be bad about a day that reminds us to show our family/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives etc that we love them!? Who cares that companies have turned it into a consumer holiday; you don't have to treat it that way! Show someone you care with a homemade card, a poem you wrote, or a piece of art you made. With a quick google search you can get about a trillion homemade gift ideas (with instructions!). Here are a few I found: Love, LoveLove.

If the idea of an actual gift still makes it too materialistic, then just plan an activity. Do something fun with a group of your friends or with your significant other. Two years ago a bunch of my friends and I made homemade ravioli together and just hung out. It was great! Once again a quick google search will give you a ton of ideas for free activities that can be fun on this special day. Some ideas I found were to print a bunch of Valentine’s themed colouring pages, and everyone can make each other colour pages. If colouring isn’t your style, just go for a walk, host a dinner, or a drinks night, it doesn't have to be fancy, just something special! Check out more ideas herehere, and here (this website looks super old, but the ideas are good!) 

Whatever you do though, please don’t have an “anti-Valentine’s Day” party; they say, “I don’t love the people who are at this party”, and are just sad.

So for all the haters out there, I ask that you reconsider your dislike for this holiday. Imagine it not as the cheesy commercial consumer holiday, but as a reminder to tell your friends that they are awesome, or your significant other that they are the best. I mean really, what can be bad about that? Nothin. <3

ps: This is my 100th post! Sweet.

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