Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lists from 2011

my mirror message from 2011

10 Things I learned in 2011:
  1. Traveling is definitely important
  2. Moving can be fun
  3. Stick to your own values
  4. Ironing is really the most important part of sewing
  5. Taking chances is worth it, if it doesn't work out, you will learn a lot about yourself
  6. Winnipeg really is a cool city
  7. Grades don't seem to matter when getting a job!
  8. Living downtown in a city is the best
  9. Blogging is really fun
  10. I can't name all the stuff I learned in my classes this year, but  I will say number 10 is for all the different things I learned in school this year (and there was a lot!)

10 things I tried in 2011:
  1. Living in another city (Winnipeg)
  2. Real Indian food
  3. Traveling in the United States (Washington DC)
  4. Working in Rural Canada
  5. Stamp making
  6. Riding a Camel
  7. Sewing for complete strangers (Donated a quilt to Slave Lake)
  8. Becoming a member of my schools Engineering Society
  9. Making Mennonite food
  10. Deer meat (wasn't actually that bad...)

10 things I made in 2011:
  1. My first tutorial (for a zippered clutch)
  2. A wall quilt
  3. A Valentines Day tea cozy
  4. Women in Crisis silent auction quilt
  5. Owl Stufftie
  6. Giraffe & puppy embroidery piece
  7. Earring Holder
  8. Quilt for Slave Lake
  9. Owl Halloween costume
  10. Hockey quilt/mat

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