Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 resolution successes and failures

In January of 2011, I posted these resolutions. I did pretty well however there are some that I skipped out on..

Here they are:

1. Complete 100 projects in 2011
Resolution kept? Nope. I think this was far too vague and random. This would mean every 1 in 4 days I finished something. I didn't think this one through too much... so no I didn't complete it. 
2.  Wear dangly earrings more often.
Resolution kept? YES! I wear all kinds of different earrings more, I think I have actually gotten used to jewelry this year!
3.  Donate a quilt to a silent auction for a charitable organization I care about.

Resolution kept? Yes! I actually ended up donating two quilts this year and it was an awesome experience. Read about them here and here.  

4. Take a belly dancing class (hopefully one with a recital, and at least some what covering outfits)

Resolution kept? Kind of. When I wrote this post I had no idea that I would end up traveling to India for the month of August. And although I dind't take a belly dancing class, I feel like traveling to India some how trumps this goal! (See some India pictures here)

5. Try making a Mosaic tiled TV tray. 

Resolution kept? Nope. Not even at all.

6. Join an actual or virtual Quilting Bee or Quilting Guild

 Resolution kept? Sadly no. This is one I hope to do better at this year as I will be graduated by April, and will hopefully have time in the evenings to commit to one!

7. Is it too cliché to say be healthier without having any real concrete steps to do so?  ... because that’s what I’m going to do! 

Resolution kept? I lost a lot of weight during my trip to India, does that count? 

8. make a wall quilt for my room

 Resolution kept? Yes! I made a 'ticker tape' style wall quilt (see it here)

9. Design my own quilt (instead of using a quilt pattern, which I have done for all of my other quilts.)

Resolution kept? Yes! I designed the first quilt I donated (seen here

10. Design my own fabric on Spoonflower and make lots of lovely things out of it!  

 Resolution kept? No. But I did get Adobe Illustrator to start designing the fabric! Baby steps have been made. 

I'm going to give it a 6/10. Not bad considering this is the first year I've made real resolutions/new years goals. Now I'm ready for 2012!

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