Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vintage aka some of my grandma's things

My Grandma is moving into a smaller place in January, and my mom went out last week to help her pack. (We live a province away so it was a big trip)

My mom came back with a few things that my grandma had set aside for me! All of the things she set aside for me were sewing things which I was soo excited about. I love that I can connect with her through sewing. My absolute favorite thing she sent was a pair of pinking shears (which are zig-zag scissors for fabric).

They are amazing, and in such good condition. I have wanted a pair of these scissors for a while, and I'm so glad I waited. They are really handy when using fabric that frays easily (for anyone who's interested.)

She sent a whole bag of other sewing accessories too. She sent three thimbles too, which is great because I have been embroidering more and it is a lot easier with a thimble.. (wow I sound 85! hahah)

I'm going out to visit/help on Dec. 14th, and I'm sure I'll have lots to share after that. I might even find some more "vintage" sewing supplies (a girl can dream right....?)

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