Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing with some photos...

Lately I have been trying to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator so that I can (one day) design fabric to print for myself. (For those interested, you can do that at I have been trying to learn by making little things like posters, or working with fonts to make pretty quotes. Overall it has been fun, but WAY harder than I anticipated! I have had to learn to use tons of different programs for school too, but somehow it seems this one is giving me trouble. Oh well.... I will figure it out eventually!

In the mean time for some instant gratification I have done a little playing around on I added some text to the picture of my costume in the post below, and I edited two pictures I recently took. Its really simple and easy, but it is also a lot of fun!

nothing like a good pun!

I have a ton more pictures lined up to work on, but I have to get myself working on Illustrator a bit before I go cheating again! haha.... If anyone has good tutorials for learning Illustrator, let me know!



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