Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Camera!

Today, I bought a brand new Fuji Instax mini 7S! It is like a Polaroid camera with instant film, but the film is a bit smaller (closer to a credit card size).

I am in love. I have only taken one picture, but its so fun to already have it up on my wall. Instant film is great!

Check it out!
I'm so in love! The film just pops out the top from the slot shown in the picture below! fun fun.
The film is great, and far less expensive then actual Polaroid film. Thank goodness!
The stapler is to give you scale of the film size... and the shiny bag is where the film is, I didn't want to take it out for the picture! (not sure if that is a no-no)
 My first pic! It is of my mini Christmas tree that is on the main floor, so I can have a little christmas up on my wall in my room! (I just needed an excuse to take the first picture haha)
I can't wait to show you more pictures of my pictures!

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